On the 10th of April 2014 was founded in Windhoek, Namibia the Voluntary Association „AFRICAN EXPERT FEDERATION - AEF“.
Founding Members: Eight Natural Persons, One Legal Person (Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, Germany, Russia)
The founding members have decided the Constitution and appointed the founding Management of the AEF.

MISSION of the AEF: The mission of the organization is to promote the professional interests of independent African experts, their organizations and the African expert affairs in an international context as well as the implementation of the international standard ISO/IEC 17024 and quality signs.
The organization stands for independent qualified professional work of specialists having influence on quality and competence of independent expert services for the benefit of African consumers, as well as it assists to collaboration with interested users and consumers unions.

Founding Management: 

Prof. T. Tjivikua – President:

Dipl.- Ing. Georg Besemer - Vice President; 

Prof. Frank-Michael Adam - General Secretary;

Advisory Board:

Chairperson: Vacant;

Deputy Chairperson: Dr. Andreas Wienecke. 

Country Spokesmen:

Namibia: Mr. J. Lund;

Tanzania: Prof. F. Kavishe.

Membership of the organization is open to all natural persons of full age and legal persons who show an involvement in and a commitment to the activities and ideals of the organization, to participate in their work and pay membership fees.

The organization will not discriminate in membership on the basis of race, colour, religion, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability.

The Voluntary Association „AFRICAN EXPERT FEDERATION – AEF“ will be registered with the Namibian Government as an internationally operating welfare organization.

The preparation and construction work for the establishment of the AEF has run since 2012 the DGQK e.V. on the basis of their know-how.

The web site of the AEF was according to the specifications of the Secretary General of the AEF through members of the DGQK e.V. develops, designs and manages updates. 

The Voluntary Association „AFRICAN EXPERT FEDERATION – AEF“ is become a member of international expert organizations such as the "German society for the promotion of international quality an competence - DGQK e.V." since 2014 and the "Society for the promotion of the national ans international expert system -GFS e.V." since 2014.

The AEF is the General Representation of the DGQK e.V. and of the GFS e.V. for Africa since 2014.

    Last update:   01-12-2018